It may be the gray days, the cold that is calming or the smell of asphalt, but we have a desire for spring that we do not believe. That is why it is to see a flower and the smile is immediate. We don’t know what it is about flowers, but they are a promise of the spring that is to come.

And speaking of promises

Perhaps the best promise in the world is that I do want it to change everything. Since spring is just around the corner and the wedding season is about to begin, we want all those days full of promise and happiness to be decorated with flowers. Today we bring you a dose of that inspiration, which we like so much, to fill a wedding with flowers and long live love and spring!

Of all this selection, we love the first idea, where the gift for the guests are seeds to “sow love”. Yes, you have all the right to call us sappy. Sometimes it’s not so much about the flowers, it’s not about turning a wedding into a botanical garden, but about knowing how to combine flowers with details, using recycled elements, small vases, boxes and jars (and all those recycled materials we already told you about in this post). This mixture is lethal and has only one result: pure beauty.


Another thing we love is to combine the flowers of the waiters as part of the seating, but always with a detail, whether it’s their wood, their old bottle of wine or their slate sign.

With this dose of flowers, we already smell the spring, don’t you?