We’re opening a new section, well I wouldn’t know if I’d really call it that. I start a series of Friday posts (not consecutive) to collect the bonuses that we are encountering during the week and we are lost to the stories that evaporate like a flower of a day. And what better than before the end of the week…

Soak up all the photos and details of the wedding of Pipi Hormaechea

Fashion photographer. Of course, you can read and see the wonders of that link in the blog Casilda se casa. Watch out for the dress, the sleeves and the back. No doubt, another roll of the dice.

Trying to make me (or get me) with this new season Zara’s sweaterAlas, it’s 40 euros, but don’t tell us it’s not an absolute hit. Flounces, embroidered flowers, light colours… what more can you ask for to make you want to have spring.

Manuela will be a year old next week and, although we are very “rilifulis” and even more so when we talk about children… this box of jelly beans from La Fiesta de Olivia is perfect for a birthday celebrated the same week as Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

And continuing with the theme of motherhood

A few posts ago we talked about the illustrator Maria WalnutThis week she has published her first book, a work that she started to do when her son Nico was born in her free time, which, as she says, was rather scarce.

And before the end of the week, we must study the series of Stories that the make-up artist Noelia Fuentes from Malaga has published (and which she has left well hidden in a prominent place) about her make-up removal routine. That’s the gospel. If you don’t follow it on Instagram, too bad, you’re already late (you’ll find wonders like the one below).

That’s it for today, we’ll be back Monday with more. Happy Bonitistas weekend!