Did you know that Pimkie (the clothing store) had a Home line? Neither did we. In fact, we came across it by chance and couldn’t believe it. Besides we had no idea it existed, we are not very regulars in that store either… anyway, double surprise!

The truth

Is that when we go deeper into the collection we are pleasantly surprised, if you hurry us (and with the permission of the Impero Inditex), it seems to us a much better collection than the Stradivarius one we shared some posts ago.

We are very fond of cane mirrors and carpets, we will have to see qualities, but the feeling on the web is quite good. As for the inspiration… boho, with an ethnic touch and quite in trend, it doesn’t fit very well with the style of the rest of the store, it will all give you another chance. We’ll stop the nonsense and share the selection we’ve made.

We started with the textiles, all of them are between 10 and 30 euros…

we wouldn’t say it’s total lowcost, but they are quite reasonable prices. We tell you that this ethnic carpet is making our eyes heavy… we got off to a bad start.

If the textiles are of good quality, we might be in front of our new super-favourite shop to buy deco stuff. We’ve also felt the crush of the mirrors, which are a bit more expensive and reach 40 euros, but they’re sooooo nice.

Everything from Pimkie Home

So, what kind of transfer we found, transfer we shared. Who out there knew about the Pimkie home line? If someone knew, fatal to be there quiet, eh, very bad (juas, juas).

By the way, you’ve realized that there is only one week left for the Easter holidays (except for the pringuis who work like me all week from Sunday), so the week is seen with another perspective, right?

See you tomorrow, bonitistas.