Last week we already declared our unconditional love for hats and today we are still talking about them. In particular, one that we never tire of wearing summer after summer: the Panama hat.

But let’s curl the curl more

(Talking about hats and curls… what two enemies) Because our new goal is to get a panama hat with flowers for some event… yes yes. The canotiers and the pamelas are very good, but how do you think the mixture combines…

Well, you can’t imagine why we tried it… and we love it. As we didn’t trust too much, the guinea pig was a 5 euro panama hat from Primark. Some old flowers we had around the house, the silicone gun… and that’s it.

In honor to the truth

We had been thinking for a long time about including some flowers in our panama but now we couldn’t find the picture that turned on the light bulb. Even so, we have made a compilation of looks with panama hats and one of them… has a flower! Stylish type where there are any.

But in this post, I couldn’t say goodbye without showing off my few skills as a blogger. I had already made my new panama hat, I was trying it on. And while I was trying it on… I would take a picture of myself (self-photo, the last straw for the blogger). And since I take a photo, I publish it (or not?, but I have come up).

Well, with all the pimples of the world in the picture… we say goodbye for today.

Has the panama convinced you with flowers? Do you dare for any wedding or event? We want your opinions!

See you tomorrow, bye!